Caring for Alpaca and Wool



With any natural wool or alpaca product, it is important not to agitate the fibers in order to prevent shrinking. You should therefore avoid friction or excessive scrubbing while cleaning, and avoid using hot water.

  • Spot wash by hand with cold or lukewarm as needed. Air dry flat or tumble dry with no heat on gentle.



Woolen items will naturally pill and stretch with use. Keep your pieces looking new by following these simple steps to reshape and de-pill:

  • To gently remove pills, hold your item flat with one hand and use the other to remove the pills one at a time by hand or with a comb.

  • To reshape woolen items that have stretched, soak in room temperature water for 15 minutes (optionally adding a lanolin rich soap such as Eucalan Wool Wash).

  • Pat dry with a towel (do not wring or squeeze). 

  • Lay flat and re-shape while damp. Dry flat.



Woolen items should be stored in an air-tight container in the off-season. Sealable boxes or bags are a simple and cost effective method. Avoid using mothballs as the harsh chemicals can be damaging to the fibers. Instead opt for natural moth repellants like cedar blocks and lavender.



Extend the life of your investment by repairing your knitted garments. Minor damage, such as snags or small holes can be repaired at home with needle and thread. If you’re uncomfortable repairing yourself or encounter larger holes, find a local tailor experienced in darning knitted garments.